Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 29 and 30 From the Workroom

Day 29 some jewellery work on the go.  One of the little copper squares on the earrings still has some lettering from its former life as a water pipe, which is rather cool.  Am pleased with the sea foam bubbles ring and just creeping into shot is a pair of sea foam earrings like these.  All will be polished and available at the Vintage Market, The Maltings, Berwick upon Tweed this Saturday 27th August from 10am - 4pm.

Day 30 is a detail of one of R's paintings in progress.  I remember when he set up and photographed this still life and buying the squash back when it was autumnal and, yes, it's changing out there people!  For those of you in the area R will be at the Wool Festival in Coldstream this Saturday with an array of prints and cards of loveliness!  

I have just had to renumber the my photograph numbers as, a quick computer tidy has shown me I am missing three days of photographs.  I am searching through to work out where they have gone and have a feeling I may have borrowed R's camera and said photos may be gone, meh, never mind, plenty more to come!

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