Friday, 9 September 2011

Day 42 - 45 Sunflowers to Central Heating

Day 42 - A wee jaunt down to the Hirsel near Coldstream to deliver a selection of my jewellery to Julia Linstead who will be selling it in her studio.   I pulled over to take a picture of a field of sunflowers.  It would have been cool to get them from the other side to see their faces but still a fun sight.  Julia's glass work is stunning and it's always fun to watch people's reactions to it at the Paxton House Gallery; lots of ooohs and ahhhs!  

Tall Penguin Bowl by Julia Linstead 
You can see why, isn't it beautiful?

Day 43 - The start of September and I was craving a jaunt to the sea side.  Start of term time and I'm so glad to be checking tide clocks rather than timetables.

Day 44 - We've ordered coal and logs and Autumnal preparations continued with flushing out the central heating system.  After looking into installing a multi fuel stove in place of the open fire and back boiler we have decided not to do it this year as it's rather a lot of money!  So we are attempting to make our system as efficient as possible; a messy job but hopefully we'll be toasty when it gets cold outside.

Day 45 - An evening of pizza and squishy cushions, fully deserved after lifting, dragging, flushing, hosing, cleaning and rehanging radiators!

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Lisa-Marie said...

I love this. It certainly has turned quite definitely into autumn in the last few days.

Pizza is one of the very best rewards for manual labour!

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