Saturday, 10 September 2011

Day 46 On the Beach

Day 46 - After a few days in wellies and woollies hosing out the radiators in the rain the sun came out and we had a picnic on the beach.  It was warm enough for sandals though I am glad I brought a pair of leggings with me as it got a bit chilly.

Our lunch was tasty but it was a distressing hour watching an old black lab limping along the sand.  We just assumed he was with a family who were paddling; but then they left.  Watching his attempts to reach a couple and their two dogs raised our hopes that he was heading for his people.  They spent a bit of time with him but it was clear from their looks around the beach that he wasn't theirs either.  Our couscous munching was interspersed with discussion on what we should do, who should we contact about this poor dog.  We never reached a conclusion as the dog followed the couple off the beach and we lost sight of them.  They did stop to talk to a few people and we assumed they were inquiring about the dog.  So we'll never know what action they took but really hope the dog is ok.

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