Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 47 - 50 Frocks, Flowers and Birthday Feasts

Day 47 - As R was out in the morning I frolicked about in weddingy frocks and took lots of photographs.  This is all I am showing you though!  It isn't as mad or bride-y as it sounds.  Well maybe a bit, you see I made a few wedding related purchases on the bay of 'e' and some of the bits I wanted came in sets with things I didn't need so I will be listing them for sale soon.  The shoes aren't for sale; these were bought to go with a white flapper dress for a friend's 30th birthday a few years ago!  Said friend has just had a beautiful little girl - many congratulations to la boulangere family!

Day 48 - As I am typing this post the tail end of Hurricaine Katia is whipping around us and day 48 was a windy one too.  Our sweet pea pyramid and tomatoes were sadly flattened but we managed to rescue this lot.  The sweet peas gave us a deliciously scented living room and have only just wilted away.

Day 49 - Bangles and pendants in progress, ready to tumble and shine!  I love the sea foam bubbles on  the white glass pendant and have been making earrings and rings featuring this shape.

Day 50 - Lovely Mrs J's birthday!  R made a fine meal and I was in charge of the sweet course which was meringue, cream and lots of strawberries.  Yum!  It's starting to feel more like crumble and custard weather but while there are still strawberries it seemed right to enjoy!  I downloaded a trial of Lightroom 3 for a photo editing play and this photograph is a simple crop and use of a preset just to see how it works.  Huge potential with the software and I may invest but will have to have a bit more exploration.

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Lisa-Marie said...

Lovely shoes, and hurrah for saving your sweetpeas!

You are right - enjoy strawbs a cream, nice and fresh while you can!

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