Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 51 - 54

Day 51 - Moon!  Taken from the front door when locking up for the evening.

Day 52 - With the tail end of the hurricane swirling around it was a very windy day! One minute the flowers would be swaying happily, the next they were almost horizontal!  Was a mainly staying indoors kind of a day.

 Day 53 - Big sock wearing huff over being sick.  Turns out I don't react well to vitamin tablets with iron in them, bleugh.  I've been tracking my diet on to keep an eye on nutrition and calorie intake and noticed the iron was always low.  Hence the vomit inducing supplements.  Then on closer perusal I noticed hardly any foods listed on the site have iron information available and a quick look at labels in the kitchen proves iron is rarely listed. So it may be that I (and you if you are researching iron, hi!) have been eating enough iron rich foods and perhaps reacted to the supplements because I had quite enough already?  Thanks to Helen Woodward, Louise Knight, Becki Button and Jo Celia Simmonds over on Twitter for their iron-for-vegetarians advice - this was particularly handy.

Day 54 - this is what happens when you live with a man working on a graphic novel and needing to visualise poses.  The photograph was taken in the mirror so he could see what he looked like; always fun and frolics here!


bluetina said...

Love that pic of the moon! I tried to capture some shots of the eclipse a few weeks ago but my hands shook and the moon is dancing all over the place!

Primchick said...

Thank you :o)

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