Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 58 - 60 Cosmos, Rainbows, Damsons and Fords

Day 58 - ended with some cosy lounging involving this cushion which still makes me giggle; not every sock bunny has her own cushion!  Thanks Ma!

Day 59 - we went for a dander up the road which is quite usual after a day working, however what is rather unusual is the rainbow cladding our village!  There was no other section of rainbow visible just the little whisp over the hill.  On the same walk a huge stack of bales we noted on a distant hill seemed to have disappeared on the way home.  Strange happenings indeed.

Day 60 - keeping an eye on the damsons and . . .

. . . changing my mind about going home over the ford in my little car.  The water is much higher than normal and I'm sure I heard whimpering from the beast and the accelerator was very responsive after I turned around and headed in the other direction.

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