Friday, 2 September 2011

Days 34-39

Day 34 Hanging out with the hounds, parents and R at lovely Paxton House.

We came back in the evening after work and had a right frolic on the slide! Not a flattering photo of me at all but we discovered if you sit on your jumper you go much faster than just on a denim clad bum!

Day 36 Marley beast looking all ginger and lovely. Day 35 is missing, ahem. 

Day 37 Paxton Ted!  Yes, I forgot to take a photo until the last minute!  Mum bought Paxton Ted after we did the tour of the house; she'd been eyeing him up since they arrived and he now sits with bagpipe ted at the front of the motorhome!  I've wanted to do a tour of the house for ages, especially having been sat in the gallery over the last few months listening to others going!  It was great to see round the beautiful house and Val, our guide, was an excellent combination of facts and laughs!  

Day 38 The Vintage Market.  No, don't adjust your screens it really was that dark and sales were similarly dim.

Despite the near darkness I had good company and a splendid view over Berwick roofs and a very well kept and stylish catamaran moored in the Tweed.  

Day 39 took us to Rothbury for a quick visit to lovely Linda Taylor at Crown Studio, a stroll around the town and river and a splendid lunch at Harleys Tea Room.  I didn't take a photograph of the cake of wonder but fortunately somebody else did!  My Dad had a slice and I'm afraid I had to step in, fork in hand, to offer my support! Twas yum!  One of the photos I did take just makes me laugh showing little mad Shadow with his paw over his head and big Marley coming straight for the camera as usual!

Such fun to see the family and I hope my poor Dad has recovered from the cold which hit right at the start of his holiday!  Boo!  

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