Monday, 31 October 2011

Rainbows and Lighthouse

Day 88 offered us a beautiful orange evening glow and a rainbow. I love the breakthrough of light at this time of year, yes there are hours of dull grey but every now and then doesn't the world look stunning.

Day 89 - a little shot of the garden.  We didn't plant a single sun flower this year so thanks to all the birds who deposited seeds for us!

Day 90 took us on a jaunt up to visit The Found Gallery and on the way home we went in search of a ship wreck near Barns Ness lighthouse . . .

. . . lots of rust and worn wood and even a weather faded picture drawn on a bit of plywood declaring some small person to be the owner of the ship.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Yoghurt, Toad and Chills

Day 84 - Twekkelo Apple and Cinnamon Farmhouse Yogurt may just be the best yoghurt in the world and it comes in small buckets complete with handles and lids.  Arty, painterly types may want to take note, gorgeous yoghurt, tubs with handles and lids. Oh yes.

R experimenting with some wintery head gear to keep George on the road over the coming months.  Yes his bike is called George, it's a Dawes you see.

Day 86 - A little toad made me jump when I lifted a flower pot whilst out weeding and planting bulbs.  Turns out he and his chums live in the wall opposite our neighbours' front door.  On his advice I placed the pot by the hole and when I checked it a few minute later toady had gone home

Day 87 - Another fire shot.  There will be a lot of this over the next few months I'd imagine. 

Still editing wedding pictures, more interesting photos to come.  I'll try and think of something other than the fireplace.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Fire and Mud

Two weddings in two weeks makes for two tired photographers!  We've thoroughly enjoyed our first two jobs as wedding photographers and have been working away on editing the images.  It is fun to get up close into pictures you've only had a chance to quickly review on the camera screen; today I spotted a couple having a good old snog on the dance floor in the corner of one photo! Ha! Now to crop or not to crop? Weddings are a big celebration of love after all!

Over the last few weeks I know I've missed a few project 30 photos but having taken thousands of other photos I'm happy to forgive these omissions and hope you are too!

Day 80 - I couldn't tell you what we did as it seems like an age ago but I do remember being tired and enjoying toasting our toes by the fire!

Day 81 - This is the only photograph I have found dated the 10th October and yes, it is atrociously out of focus! Forshame! A yellow rose and the edges of some cornflowers from the garden.  

Day 83 - Rain and the potato harvest makes for very muddy roads but a run and a bike ride had to happen.  I seem to have got into my stride with running again but really am struggling to go beyond 3 miles so am going to try some interval training using podrunner as recommended by my sister.  If any of you have any tips on interval training or getting beyond the 3 mile wall I'd love to hear from you.  Years ago I built up to 10km and enjoyed it but it was on considerably flatter routes, am hoping interval training will help on the hills?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Day 79 Wedding

Day 79 was the first wedding R and I photographed and it was a beautiful, nerve wracking, rain soaked, fun, flower and butterfly filled, moving, kilt swirling frolic of a day!  

Many congratulations to the gorgeous Gillian and Nathan and thank you for welcoming us so warmly.  

Friday, 7 October 2011

Day 73 - 78

Day 73 - New copper earrings with very pale aqua sea glass beads.  I started photographing a host of new pieces but a quick check on the first lot showed it was way too dull a day to get decent results.  So I gave up and still haven't listed the new pieces.

Day 74 - I have to admit I didn't actually take this photo but I did make/ruin it; the addition of two little beasts really helped R photograph his painting! To make up for being annoying I better pimp his work so please go look at his blog!

Day 75 - We got our save the date cards back from the printers and most of them have been sent! Yay!

Day 76 is missing but on day 77 we went over to photographer Ian Oliver's Tweedside Gallery to leave a selection of my jewellery.  His panoramic photography is so very beautiful and inspires early morning misty adventures.

Day 78 - took us to the Church where we will be photographing our first wedding tomorrow.  It was great to have a good look round so our plan for the day can be much more informed.  The couple are lovely and it is so exciting to be part of their day and provide them with a collection of photographs to treasure!  Now I'm away to check, again, that everything is charged, formatted, set and packed properly!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 70 - 72

Day 70 - The damson harvest! So far this lot have gone towards many litres of damson gin and the rest are bagged up in the freezer.  I feel a crumble coming soon!

Day 71 - The last day of September and little Mog came to investigate why I was lying on the grass with my camera.  I was going to post some sunny sky, bright flowers against autumn trees to document the record breaking temperatures but, well, Mog is just too cute not to share with you all!

Day 72 - New jewellery fresh out of the tumbler and nearly ready to go to photographer Ian Oliver's Tweedside Gallery.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Day 67 - 69

Day 67 - Rich receives a very exciting parcel which may or may not be a result of us falling for a very clever marketing campaign and requiring cheap car insurance.

Day 68 - Scruffy! For the last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the adventures of Scruffy the blackbird who has become very fond of Mrs J and her sultanas! He seems to know where she will be at any given moment, having even sat on her bedroom windowsill staring in when it was sultana time and she was not at the back door!  He really is an adorably scruffy little fellow and I'm glad to have got a photo of him; shame it is through glass but I didn't want to scare him away.

Day 69 - A visit to Caroline Underhill's exhibition in the Hayloft Gallery, Paxton House.  The exhibition runs until October 12th and Caroline will be there each day taking workshops and is available to discuss commissions.  Her pet portraits are particularly popular so if you are thinking of an idea for a splendid Christmas gift now is the time to go and see her!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Day 64 - 66 A Visitor

Lovely Kris from my university days came to visit en route to a conference in Aberdeen; it is a long way from Devon!  We hadn't seen each other in eight years but soon caught up during the drive back from the train station.

Day 64 took us a jaunt up to Edinburgh for lunch, sight seeing, giggles at the bendy mirrors and even a nudey man . . . 

. . . yes, really, look closely at the open window.  We accidentally stumbled upon filming for Cloud Atlas and whilst straining to see over the heads of the crowd Kris spotted the topless chap clutching a satchel to his chest.  Will we ever know what that was about?

Day 65 - a trip to the beach and some glass collecting, it was lovely to hang out with my old house mate and reminisce over Aberystwyth days.

Day 66 - using one of the pieces found the day before Kris made a sea glass swirl pendant.  Despite her proclamations to the contrary Kris swiftly became adept with wire and pliers and made a really pretty pendant.  

Before leaving for Aberdeen we had a stroll along the river, which was twinkling beautifully.  A really fun weekend of catching up, chilling out, rugby, book perusing, wandering, eating, drinking, looking and making.  Hopefully it won't be another eight years before we see each other again.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Day 61 - 63 Copper Jewellery and an Owl

Day 61 - Three new pairs of earrings inspired by the onset of autumn with copper, green and frosty white sea glass.

Day 62 - More copper; chain maille bracelet and necklace in progress.  

Day 63 - Twit, our little owl who is living in the pepper plant pot at the moment.  He is a sweety and he's been catching my eye as my mind turns towards the end of the year as he was originally bought as a Christmas decoration but I believe an owl is for life, not just for Christmas. Well, that is unless he is wearing a Santa hat or something then he should definitely head to the roofspace in January!

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