Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Day 67 - 69

Day 67 - Rich receives a very exciting parcel which may or may not be a result of us falling for a very clever marketing campaign and requiring cheap car insurance.

Day 68 - Scruffy! For the last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the adventures of Scruffy the blackbird who has become very fond of Mrs J and her sultanas! He seems to know where she will be at any given moment, having even sat on her bedroom windowsill staring in when it was sultana time and she was not at the back door!  He really is an adorably scruffy little fellow and I'm glad to have got a photo of him; shame it is through glass but I didn't want to scare him away.

Day 69 - A visit to Caroline Underhill's exhibition in the Hayloft Gallery, Paxton House.  The exhibition runs until October 12th and Caroline will be there each day taking workshops and is available to discuss commissions.  Her pet portraits are particularly popular so if you are thinking of an idea for a splendid Christmas gift now is the time to go and see her!

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