Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 70 - 72

Day 70 - The damson harvest! So far this lot have gone towards many litres of damson gin and the rest are bagged up in the freezer.  I feel a crumble coming soon!

Day 71 - The last day of September and little Mog came to investigate why I was lying on the grass with my camera.  I was going to post some sunny sky, bright flowers against autumn trees to document the record breaking temperatures but, well, Mog is just too cute not to share with you all!

Day 72 - New jewellery fresh out of the tumbler and nearly ready to go to photographer Ian Oliver's Tweedside Gallery.


Lisa-Marie said...

Mog is very cute, is she named for the cat in the books?

Damson jam perhaps?

Laura Johnson said...

Mog is our neighbour's cat and I think she is named after the cat in the books! Isn't she sweet?! Timidly curious!

I've frozen the left over damsons for now, might try some jam, there will def be crumble!

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