Friday, 7 October 2011

Day 73 - 78

Day 73 - New copper earrings with very pale aqua sea glass beads.  I started photographing a host of new pieces but a quick check on the first lot showed it was way too dull a day to get decent results.  So I gave up and still haven't listed the new pieces.

Day 74 - I have to admit I didn't actually take this photo but I did make/ruin it; the addition of two little beasts really helped R photograph his painting! To make up for being annoying I better pimp his work so please go look at his blog!

Day 75 - We got our save the date cards back from the printers and most of them have been sent! Yay!

Day 76 is missing but on day 77 we went over to photographer Ian Oliver's Tweedside Gallery to leave a selection of my jewellery.  His panoramic photography is so very beautiful and inspires early morning misty adventures.

Day 78 - took us to the Church where we will be photographing our first wedding tomorrow.  It was great to have a good look round so our plan for the day can be much more informed.  The couple are lovely and it is so exciting to be part of their day and provide them with a collection of photographs to treasure!  Now I'm away to check, again, that everything is charged, formatted, set and packed properly!

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