Friday, 28 October 2011

Fire and Mud

Two weddings in two weeks makes for two tired photographers!  We've thoroughly enjoyed our first two jobs as wedding photographers and have been working away on editing the images.  It is fun to get up close into pictures you've only had a chance to quickly review on the camera screen; today I spotted a couple having a good old snog on the dance floor in the corner of one photo! Ha! Now to crop or not to crop? Weddings are a big celebration of love after all!

Over the last few weeks I know I've missed a few project 30 photos but having taken thousands of other photos I'm happy to forgive these omissions and hope you are too!

Day 80 - I couldn't tell you what we did as it seems like an age ago but I do remember being tired and enjoying toasting our toes by the fire!

Day 81 - This is the only photograph I have found dated the 10th October and yes, it is atrociously out of focus! Forshame! A yellow rose and the edges of some cornflowers from the garden.  

Day 83 - Rain and the potato harvest makes for very muddy roads but a run and a bike ride had to happen.  I seem to have got into my stride with running again but really am struggling to go beyond 3 miles so am going to try some interval training using podrunner as recommended by my sister.  If any of you have any tips on interval training or getting beyond the 3 mile wall I'd love to hear from you.  Years ago I built up to 10km and enjoyed it but it was on considerably flatter routes, am hoping interval training will help on the hills?

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