Sunday, 6 November 2011

Berwick, Boat and Baking

Good evening!

I'm leaping ahead a little with project 30 leaving out the days over the long weekend down in the midlands for the second wedding we were photographing; another beautiful couple and I will show you soon.  In the midst of processing two lots of wedding photographs there have been a few adventures.

Day 97 was clear and bright and we went down to the docks for the lifting of R's Dad's boat for winter.  It's always somewhat nerve jangling watching a boat dangling mid air, but everything went well.  That is until the crane lorry got stuck in the mud in the field after unloading the boat.  If you are going to get a heavy vehicle stuck in the mud the Honey Farm isn't the worst place for it to happen; there were soon various heavy duty vintage vehicles heaving (and at one point pushing!) the lorry but to no avail.  A farmer with a huge-mongous tractor saved the day in the end and R's Dad is happy for winter to begin now the boat is in and safe.

The surface of the water in the docks was really glassy and we may have spent a few minutes kicking stones in to make ripple patterns to photograph and they may be played with and posted later.

 Day 98 was the day of fancying some Swiss Roll, however, due to complete lack of rolling finesse on my part we ended up with Swiss Fold.  Giant Swiss Fold.

Day 100 seems to be a landmark number in this series and what do we have but a much better Swiss Roll - note the graceful rolls rather than folds.  So I concede R is the King of Swiss Rolls in this house!  I came home from an evening with friends and R greeted me with this splendid creation and it was the only option for photo of the day!  Jo Simpson who hosted our get together is exhibiting her "Living the Dream and The Pearl of Great Price" multimedia and textiles work at The Borders Textile Towerhouse, Hawick until 27th November.  Hopefully I'll be able to visit and bring you some photographs but for now I'm going to toast my toes in front of the fire with R and the newest addition to our family!

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