Tuesday, 29 November 2011

First Frost and Fluffy Trousers

Day 109 brought the first frost that I've seen so far this season.  I'm sure there has been some earlier while I was fast asleep and dreaming but this was the first I've been up and out in it.

With the crisp air and low winter sun it was a lovely morning for Molly's first exploration of the garden.  Under all that fluff she is quite slight and it really looks like she's donned a pair of furry trousers suitable for frosty striding.

Twenty minutes or so of sniffing and leaping out in the cold world brought Molly back inside for a lounge on the sunny windowsill.  Such a contented little cat who is clearly used to living in a home and made our job of helping her settle in very easy indeed.  It is so lovely having a wee beast around the house!

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