Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Meet Fluffy

On day 106 R and I went over to B.A.R.K to have a look at some cats.  We met the lady on duty who showed us up and down the kennels and we had the awful feeling of turning down lots of animals.  Two little kittens came and played with us and we were just deciding which to have when we were told they had to be rehomed together so we had another walk up and down and went outside to see a cat called Muffy.  A friendly, purring fluffball who had a good curious poke through the fence to see who we were.

We left the kennels to have a think and do the shopping and called in again on the way home to say we would visit again the following week and that we liked Muffy.  Then, after a chorus of 'Muffy's lovely, have Muffy' we went home.

With Muffy.
Day 106 A cat once called Muffy.

Day 107 and the name debate continues; Daisy was a contender, 'cept I kept calling her Daisy Renton and, if you've read 'An Inspector Calls', you'll understand why we changed our minds.

Day 108 and the little raggy doll of a cat has settled in splendidly, adopted all cushions as her own and is now called . . .


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janet said...

what about Cosmos's cushion?

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