Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day 121 - 123

Day 121 took us over to St Abbs for a visit to Number Four Gallery's Christmas exhibition and, as always, there was a wonderful array of beautiful work.

Day 122 and a quick shot of the work bench in the midst of the busy pre-Christmas period.  

Dy 123 started with my attempt to open a tub of wet wipes to clean down my work bench.  Who knew this would end with me nearly and tears and R wielding a pair of mighty tin snips to cut my finger out of the lid.  It's hard to take a photo of your own right hand when you are right handed but just look at the scraped nail and near serrated finger.  It hurt.  So dear reader, learn from me; never use your finger to push through the first wet wipe of a new tub.

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