Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day 124 - 128 More Molly and Festivities Begin

My lovely sister came to stay for a few days which was fabulous.  Lynne had to share a room with Molly cat and they got on very well.  By tying a few lengths of wool onto the toy mouse Lynne encouraged Molly to polish her hiding in a box, behind a throw stalking tactics.  Impressive.

A new person in the house meant new shoes to explore and the delight of discovering new laces.  Even Rocket Dog is no match for Molly.

We had a lovely time pottering around, relaxing and visiting places.  A jaunt up the road to Edinburgh was a must and we accidentally went on the day the Christmas lights were turned on.  Beautiful and bizarre to watch a busy street of people stop walking and stare as a huge firework went off. It was the only one as it was too windy for the rest but that didn't detract from our festive joy.
Image from Lynne, ta!
In the midst of perusing potential bridesmaid dresses I took Lynne over to have a look at the Church where R and I will be getting married next year.  

Just before setting off for the airport we went to Haddington, I found the bead shop to stock up for a lesson, we had some lunch and were treated to a pipe band. This was so nearly December and I was with my sister so it was awful hard to resist the festive feeling!


Emma said...

Your Molly is just lovely ;)

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Rich Johnson said...

What's a Rocket Dog?

You might be interested in

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