Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday time, I'm back in Northern Ireland and it's great catching up with family and friends here.  Today has been a dedicated stay at home and chilling out day so I thought I'd share a few more photos of our life in the borders and try to catch up on project 30.  Here is days 129 - 132.  Day 131 is missing, ahem.

Trying to remember to take a photo every day sometimes results in photos like this - our dinner!  Usually a favourite from Nigel Slater, using red cabbage turned our noodles purple and whether it was the colour or what, the noodles just didn't rock that night.  If you ever want a giggle ask a Northern Irish person to talk about noodles; apparently we sound funny.

A rainbow in Coldstream en route to a beading lesson with the lovely Barbara from Coldstream Gallery.

The excitement of discovering, ordering and receiving an Annie Lennox Christmas album just as November ended ready for the advent period.  Joy!

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