Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Workroom Wednesday

This week I have been working away on editing the wedding shots from the start of the month. I have learned so much from the day and now am learning more about achieving the effects I want with the photographs and trying out various finishes.

It was such a cold day I didn't want to keep the guys outside too long. I love this one and have been debating whether or not to clone in a flower for the one who forget! Don't worry it was delivered before the bride arrived!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Gallery Updates and a Box of Joy

Last week I was busy with working on new pieces and updating some stockists. Now The Smokehouse Gallery in Eyemouth, Chirnside Gallery and Crown Studio in Rothbury have new selections of my sea glass and pottery jewellery.

Saturday was the first time I'd visited Crown Studio as the snow before Christmas meant my first selection of jewellery had to be posted. It was lovely to finally meet studio owner Lynda Taylor who I'd only spoken to previously through twitter! The Studio is a beautiful space with a gallery frontage and private work space at the back. R and I were really impressed with Lynda's paintings of local landscapes and a fascinating series exploring family history through still life
paintings which incorporate an item the artist inherited.

Image courtesy of Lynda Taylor

It was a lovely afternoon spent looking at a wealth of paintings, prints and pottery, nattering over tea and doughnuts and trying to control my excitement over what Lynda had given me . . .

. . . the most fabulous collection of pottery shards she and her husband have collected on various beaches! Can you spot the fish head?!

Being a trained potter Lynda was able to share all sorts of fabulous facts about the finishes of various pieces which I am now reading up on and will share soon!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Handmade in Europe Gift Swap

The Artfire Handmade in Europe Guild decided to do a New Year gift swap rather than a Secret Santa to provide a little lift during January. It worked! I received my parcel last week and had such fun exploring the gifts kindly sent by Marianne creator of Nidlongdir.

Together with a note in a card featuring one of her drawings Marianne sent a whole collection of her ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) and a pair of lovely wire spiral earrings made by her daughter.

Thank you very much!

My pro Artfire account was due to expire this month and I had already decided not to renew it and have now downgraded to a basic account. For me, Artfire was not a successful selling venue; in the year of pro membership I had one sale and that was through my untouched basic account rather than the studio I was paying for!

Since launching my website in June it has been my primary online selling venue and has definitely been the wisest move I have made since starting to sell my work through the internet. I will be maintaining my Folksy shop and, to a lesser extent my free Artfire shop, but will be my main online focus. Now I just need to update it!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Books 2010

Last year I kept a record on my blog of books I'd read over the year. I always like to record the books I've read and I used my blog last year to share with you what I've been reading and also so I wouldn't loose the list in the chaos of moving house!

So, my reads of 2010 in chronological order were:

  • A Moveable Feast
  • Surfacing
  • The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Tickling the English
  • Mere Christianity
  • When Will There Be Good News?
  • The House of the Spirits
  • The Opposite of Fate
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Jackdaw Summer
  • Kit's Wilderness
  • Remarkable Creatures
  • Life Before Man
  • Human Traces
  • The Edible Woman
  • The Sisters Antipodes
  • Engleby
  • The Buddha of Suburbia
  • Beatrice and Virgil
  • The Amateur Marriage
  • Morgan's Passing
  • Esther's Inheritance
  • Secret
  • Kiss Kiss
  • Barking
  • Black Dogs
  • The Chronicles of Narnia

  • The highlights of the year were discovering Anne Tyler, loving all things David Almond and finally reading all the Narnia books in one go! Now, with the wintery frosts continuing I am returning to 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell' as the last time I started it, it was sunny and warm and just did not feel right.
  • Any recommendations for me for this year?

Friday, 14 January 2011

Winter Wedding

January has been tootling along at a fair pace and we are already half way through! I came back to Scotland last week after an unexpected opportunity to act as second shooter at a wedding back in Northern Ireland. As some of you know R and I have our first booking to photograph a wedding later on this year and I am working away on the new website and gaining as much experience as possible.

I have to admit (Kate look away now) I have been really nervous about the responsibility of photographing a wedding, however, supporting the main photographer last week provided invaluable experience and was a privilege to see such a lovely couple exchange their vows. So, now I'm really looking forward to the final edit of the shots from last week, shooting more weddings and, of course, the big, first official wedding in October!

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