Sunday, 1 January 2012


January was a wintry affair, arriving back to Scotland from my Northern Irish Christmas to find snow still on the ground.  After spending the first three weeks of our engagement apart it was fabulous to be back with R!

February brought a rather fine visitor to the garden, we went to see an Andy Goldsworthy exhibition and I made lots of silver bubbles for sea foam jewellery.

March and my working conditions were vastly improved thanks to raising my work desk with big blocks of wood and the purchase of a table vice.  My wonderful siblings came to visit, R passed the big sister test and we got to see his work in print in New British Comics vol 3.  March also brought one of the highlights of the year; seeing the Karine Polwart trio live.

April was blooming lovely as the garden burst forth with colour and we celebrated a year of living in the borders!

May was sunny and warm and led to plenty of walking; along rivers, up and down hills, by the sea, even up the road to watch a rally.  I was delighted to finally find a UK based supplier of recycled sterling silver so now my sea glass range is made from about 90% recycled materials which was one of my aims for the year.

June was about beautiful blooms - more this year please - lots of jewellery making, visitors and exam marking.

July started with a green festival, I turned 30, started trying to take a photo every day and we had a holiday!

August was R's birthday, we had visits from friends, jaunts to Edinburgh, more flowers and many evening strolls in the setting sun.

 October was the month of weddings!  R and I photographed our first two weddings, had a great time, learned and improved loads.  We were both nervous but really felt so privileged to be present and recording such important days.  Just look at them all; such beautiful people!

Early November saw the arrival of Molly cat into our home, what can I say, I love that cat!  

 In December the 'in for a penny' necklaces got a bit of attention including this one which was a special commission.  I love making them and will be listing them on my website soon.  

Molly cat continued to make herself at home and I don't think I'm the only one to have fallen for her charms!  

Just as 2010 ended with the news of our engagement the end of 2011 brings more good news; after a nervous interview I was delighted to be offered the role of Education Officer at Paxton House! The role is part time allowing a lovely balance with my jewellery work and I'm so excited about starting the job next week when I'm back in Scotland!

So, a good year and now it's 2012, Happy New Year to you all!

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Narrative jewelry said...

Bonne année, happy new year 2012, Laura !
I discovered your blog last week, and found it so interesting.
Happy to see you changed the background... it was really hard to read your words.

We, both, have the same cat ! Mine is Mademoiselle Poupette, aka, Midou, which means, half lovely girl, and half little bully !

I wish you, and your hubby, the best for this new year.

Veronique (from France)

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