Sunday, 15 January 2012

January 2012 Part One

Project 30 has many gaps during the festive period due to forgetting, using other people's cameras, photos being secret wedding matters etc. However, here's January so far . . .

Day 166 Marley relaxing under the Christmas tree

Day 168 new red shoes

Day 169 Shadow getting to grips with his Christmas gifts, he  may be chomping away on a chew but in the mean time he's making sure Marley doesn't get the sheep!

Day 170 a little detail from the bedroom at Mum and Dad's which my sister had set up like a beautiful guest house, candles, flowers, the works!

Day 171 and the return to Scotland. Unpacking led to lots of "what smell is my new lip balm" games with R!

Day 172 the Christmas decoration box becomes the cat's play box, it's perfect with all the little slits to peer and swipe through.

Day 173 

Day 174 back to running with a bit of flashy new hi vis. No excuses now.

Day 176 this week I started my new job as Education and Outreach Officer at Paxton House and so have a lot of reading to do.

Day 177 I have big plans for this little chap.

Day 178 Film night thanks to a very handy two months free dvd rental! The Troll Hunter was first up and it's Super 8 tonight!

Day 179 small Mol decided I was a worthy cushion.  Forgive the appearance, it was cold and I'd been mainly cleaning!
My life of late has been dominated by lists for my jewellery job, my new job and the wedding.  I'm so excited about all three and just hope the lists will keep me organised so I can do a decent job and enjoy the work along the way.

There's not much to report about my jewellery as I am getting on top of accounts and orders but I have ideas a plenty on the way!

Hope January is treating you well and thanks for stopping by!

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