Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 180 to 193

Hello everybody! How are you? In my January post I hinted at lists of exciting business, then I got hit with the not so exciting busy.  Last minute exam marking meant I disappeared for a few weeks but now I'm back at last! And so onto an gap filled project 30 update.  

Day 180 Molly in a box.  This is the preferred box as there are lots of holes to look and reach through.  Mainly a play box but increasingly a snooze box too!

Day 181 a wintry drive out and about over the Lammermuirs and home by the Whiteadder Reservoir.  I adore living here!

Day 184 had me photographing and fiddling with a copy book in preparation for my first Victorian School experience day with a local school.  I've been working at Paxton House now for nearly six weeks and love it!  So much inspiration and a joy to arrive for work at such a splendid place.

Day 186 and the mini daffodils are shooting up; these actually tripled in size and have flowered already, the scent is incredibly strong for such delicate blooms!

I do have photos from day 186 but they are plain black as I failed to capture the beauty of the northern lights when we were privileged to view it so I'm skipping that to a photo on day 187 in sunny North Berwick.  My lovely friend gave me a spa voucher for my thirtieth and so we were treated to a massage each at The Macdonald Marine Hotel and Spa. Amazing! We even had lunch out in a cafe to further the treats.  A lovely day out thanks to the Tottens!

Day 188 shows the shameful evidence wiped from our dirty stop out of a cat...
...followed by day 189's evidence that she doesn't give two hoots as, after a good muddy frolic she's perfectly content to come back to her house to rest in comfort.

I mentioned the marking didn't I? Day 190 shows that extra encouragement was required.

Likewise day 191.  If I marked all year round I would be a very hefty lady; it drives me to snacks.

Day 193.  He loves that cat.

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