Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 196 - 202 Cook, Snow,Cat and Mouse

Day 196 saw my first school visit to Paxton House when a year 3 class came to experience what life would have been like for Victorian servants. This photo was taken by my colleague who played the role of housekeeper for the day whilst I was cook.  It was a very chilly day in the old kitchen and the children and I all had freezing hands after scrubbing the floor, pots and laundry!
Day 198 Snow

Day 199 Molly discovers the joy of being inside and outside at the same time; this will be fun in the summer but there was still snow on the ground so I soon closed the window.

Day 200 pink mouse has retired to the mantelpiece awaiting repairs.

Day 201 a homemade and healthy pot noodle; instant wok noodles are very handy things.

We've had a number of cat flap intrusions and so Molly took some persuasion to come downstairs to sleep. Sadly we're having to keep the cat flap shut at night now which means we get more mad Molly moments, usually around 5am when she'd rather be out but at least we don't get an uninvited guest peeing in the house. 

Day 202
Speaking of mad Molly moments she was a hive of leaping activity and it was only on closer inspection we realised she'd brought someone in to play.  Gloves were donned, mouse sized container found, furniture shoved around until finally a little mouse was trapped in a pot and released in the field.

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Lisa-Marie said...

Oh! I have been the cook on a school trip too. We made all of the kids be kitchen hands. Rather fun.

Also, your homemade pot noodle looks so good, drastically more appetising than it's ready made namesake!

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