Friday, 30 March 2012

Mainly Molly

There is yet another yawning gap in my project 30 pics.  I know there are more and one day I'll find the memory card they are on.  Recent days have been very full and some photo gaps are also explained by the fact that they feature wedding things which I'm keeping hold off until after the big day! 

 Day 218 Moll cat looking fluffy and snoozy on her cushion.

Day 224 - We went to have a chat with a caterer over in St Abbs where we will be celebrating our wedding after the ceremony. We are getting RSVPs back now and it's all feeling very close and exciting!

 Day 225 and a mahoosive breakfast cooked after I spotted both potato bread and soda farl in Aldi.  An Ulster Fry for a veggie is a bit dull if you don't have the breads!

 Day 229 just how pretty is this little beast, she's much chattier now and seems to miaow hello when she comes into the room or we come home.  This is an addition to the plaintive cries uttered by the cupboard which stores her food.

 Day 231 Paxton Ted badges! Paxton Ted is the big cuddly teddy mascot of Paxton House where I started working in January.  It's been a pleasure to meet the Ted himself and we made these new badges for visiting children.  The new open season at Paxton House has started and tomorrow I'll be photographing the action at the Jacobite re-enactment weekend in the grounds.  The weekend is a special event running in conjunction with the Prestonpans Tapestry which is being exhibited for a month.  I saw the tapestry for the first time when it was installed last week and enjoyed Cameron spotting! 

Day 233, ah wudja look at the wee cuddly fluff. Did I mention I'm tired?!

Day 234 she has lived with us since last November and finally Molly cat has discovered the cat mint.

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