Saturday, 28 April 2012

Re-Dress: Fashion Unpacked

On 5th May, Paxton House launches Re-Dress, an exciting new exhibition of recently conserved 18th Century costume, coupled with stunning contemporary fashion inspired by our collections from students of the School of Textiles & Design at Heriot-Watt University.

There is much excited activity in work around the launch of this new exhibition; it is going to be fantastic!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Woodpecker, River and Frock

Hello lovely readers, how are you all?  I've really been missing reading all your blogs regularly so today I had a wee half hour with a cup of tea for a peruse and an update here. 2012 is continuing at a brisk and busy pace with jewellery making, workshops, Paxton House and planning our wedding!

Day 237 - woodpecker in the garden.

Day 238 - Molly explores the mini greenhouse. It's not usually there and she has been looking at it for a few days until at last she conquered it. Nothing to fear here.

Day 240 - St Patrick's Day and opening day at Paxton House! My first taste of working at Paxton when it's open to the public and it was great to see families enjoying themselves and see the reaction of little people to Paxton Ted! More of him later!

Day 241 - Regency costume for Mother's Day at Paxton House and yes that is face paint on my hand, there was a rush of tigers to be painted just before closing time!  I think this was the week of four different costumes! Whew!

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