Saturday, 8 June 2013

6th June 2013

The 6th of June 2013 was our very first ever wedding anniversary! It brought blooms from the garden (growing your own wedding flowers for the win!), a big fat luxurious feast courtesy of unspent wedding gift vouchers, some glorious handmade paper from R, greetings and a splendid gig.

The gig was actually a few weeks ago but it was our 'paper' (tickets, yes, stay with me) gift. We went down to Hexham to see Karine Polwart, accompanied by the fabulous Inge Thomson and Rachel Newton. We felt like utter stalkers when Karine Polwart darted into the gallery at the Arts Centre to bag a piece of work she'd had her eye on as we were looking around before taking our seats, there might have been a bit of goldfish mouth and pointing from us! The shame!

So, what can I say; I love Karine Polwart!

I am fully inspired and reinvigorated and... going full time self employed again! 

All sorts of inspiration has been thankfully heading my way and, with the set starting with The Good Years I had to laugh to myself; it is a wonderful song and often seems to play when I am doing soldering work and has become a bit of a workroom joke changing the lyrics to "soldering fire" rather than "smoldering far". So, more of that to come and thank you muchly beautiful ladies for a beautiful, inspiring evening.  

And, happy anniversary love to R!

Ahh, sure if you can't go a wee bit melodramatic on your wedding pics, when can you?! Beautiful St Abbs!


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