Monday, 24 March 2014

Jewellery Making Taster Session at Allanbank Arts

In the run up to the Summer courses at Allanbank Arts there was a weekend of taster sessions allowing people to have a go at a wide variety of workshops to see what was for them.

I ran a jewellery making taster session where participants learned the key skill of turning a loop in wire and a few of the many ways this technique can be used.

 Each participant made a pair of earrings and a necklace or bracelet, including their very own handmade clasp. It's very handy being able to turn a loop in a piece of wire, yes?!

A much cited reason for attending my workshops is people wanting to be able to fix their own jewellery and I love this approach!

See more student work over on facebook  and find out about learning on my workshop page.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Crossing Borders Exhibition at Coldstream Gallery

The lovely Coldstream Gallery is hosting its annual Crossing Borders Exhibition featuring work by artists working all over the Borders.  It is a great chance to see a variety of work from members of the artist collective all in one venue and Rich and I are happy to be exhibiting there.

Calendulas by Rich Johnson

detail of work by Niall Campbell

Laura Johnson Sea Glass, Pottery and Recycled Silver Jewellery
 To see more from the exhibition pop on over to Coldstream Gallery's facebook page and give them a like!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Stacked Sea Glass Earrings

Aqua Stacker Sea Glass Earrings

Good news: I have found a good selection of small aqua sea glass ready for drilling so I will be able to make more stacker earrings!

Each pair feature three sets of aqua toned sea glass found here along the Berwickshire and Northumberland coastline. The glass is thoroughly cleaned and a tiny hole drilled through the centre creating little sea glass beads.  The beads are then stacked on a hand forged, long line, recycled sterling silver wire before being polished and hardened in a tumbler.

Aqua Stacker Sea Glass Earrings
Each pair is different with variations in shapes, sizes and order of sea glass depending on what washes up on the beach at the time! I make these to order over in my shop and they can be made to your preferred length, usually between 4 and 6cm from the top to base of the ear wire.

Thank you to all who have ordered these already and I hope you are enjoying wearing them! I know I do ;)


Monday, 3 March 2014

Hester the 'Award' Winning Cat

 Some of you may remember Hester, the little tabby who came to live with us not long after we got married. 

Hester is the 'kitten' of the house, according to my mother in law she is the naughty one, the curtain climbing, pouncing, skidding little rebel. I think she's ace!

One of her more endearing habits is that she sits on my knee and I have no shame in admitting I like it! 

Last week Cookson Gold, one of my recycled silver suppliers, held an entertaining competition over on facebook dedicated to photos of workshop pets. I entered the lower photo of Hester who is lying on my knee and having a good go at my bench peg and she was chosen as runner up! 

Hooray! On Friday a big jiffy bag of cat and jewellery-making-human treats arrived for us! Cheers Cookson Gold!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Allanbank Arts Taster Sessions

Allanbank Arts are running a weekend of taster sessions offering you the opportunity to try out one of the skills in advance of more detailed courses. I'll be teaching an introduction to jewellery making on Saturday 8th March from 1.30 to 4pm when we'll be learning to turn a loop in wire and how to use this technique to create chain, earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

The address for directions is Allanbank Arts, Allanbank Courtyard, Allanton, Duns, TD11 3PY.


Crossing Borders Exhibition at Coldstream Gallery

Next week sees the opening of the Crossing Borders Spring Exhibition at Coldstream Gallery.
Crossing Borders Spring Exhibition 2014 at Coldstream Gallery

Both Rich and I have been working on pieces for this exhibition including these daffodils which I would like to keep hanging on our wall, March at last, come on the spring!

Daffodils, oil on board, Rich Johnson
 This morning a man delivered a box of bulbs for the garden and, despite having to answer the door in a dressing gown, walking socks and a towel on my head, it left me excited for the coming change in the seasons.

Mr Delivery Man, I apologise that every time you come to our door laden with good things I answer in various states of hurried dishevelment. I will try better in the future but I'm not usually at my best before 8am!


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