Saturday, 1 March 2014

Crossing Borders Exhibition at Coldstream Gallery

Next week sees the opening of the Crossing Borders Spring Exhibition at Coldstream Gallery.
Crossing Borders Spring Exhibition 2014 at Coldstream Gallery

Both Rich and I have been working on pieces for this exhibition including these daffodils which I would like to keep hanging on our wall, March at last, come on the spring!

Daffodils, oil on board, Rich Johnson
 This morning a man delivered a box of bulbs for the garden and, despite having to answer the door in a dressing gown, walking socks and a towel on my head, it left me excited for the coming change in the seasons.

Mr Delivery Man, I apologise that every time you come to our door laden with good things I answer in various states of hurried dishevelment. I will try better in the future but I'm not usually at my best before 8am!


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