Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Stacked Sea Glass Earrings

Aqua Stacker Sea Glass Earrings

Good news: I have found a good selection of small aqua sea glass ready for drilling so I will be able to make more stacker earrings!

Each pair feature three sets of aqua toned sea glass found here along the Berwickshire and Northumberland coastline. The glass is thoroughly cleaned and a tiny hole drilled through the centre creating little sea glass beads.  The beads are then stacked on a hand forged, long line, recycled sterling silver wire before being polished and hardened in a tumbler.

Aqua Stacker Sea Glass Earrings
Each pair is different with variations in shapes, sizes and order of sea glass depending on what washes up on the beach at the time! I make these to order over in my shop and they can be made to your preferred length, usually between 4 and 6cm from the top to base of the ear wire.

Thank you to all who have ordered these already and I hope you are enjoying wearing them! I know I do ;)


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