Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Molly cat made it onto the mural at The Chain Bridge Honey Farm
Wintry Holy Island

Monty joined us as a teeny wee lad
My beautiful sister with her siblings just before getting married

Discovered a fabulous local flower farm
Lynne and Carl's wedding day
Hester continued to be an essential workshop companion

Finally met a Goldsworthy

Holiday neighbour
Rich setting up at Coldstream Gallery

Visit to my folks resulting in finally seeing the Wallace grin toy in action

Spittal rainbow

Rope twists kept coming this year
My Nana's 90th Birthday; thanks to our lovely neighbour taking my wedding dress across the Irish Sea we got a photo of us together in the frock

Gorgeous Suzie's wedding, here with her fab siblings

Day out in Dublin with my brother

Beachy family photo shoot
Sea glass, patterned ring bands and fancy bezels, yes!

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