Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 2016

2016 started with a bagpipe accompanied (really!) stroll along Cocklawburn beach, a time to refresh and prepare for the year ahead.

Our first task was to tidy our workroom and it is now rearranged with extra storage and I've moved all hot work to one area. This is great as it frees up space on my main bench and I've been enjoying using the Efcolor enamel stove Rich gave me for Christmas!  Little stud earrings were the first experiments and I've a head full of how I'd like to use these cold fire enamels in my work.

We've had storms, rain, wind, floods and even snow which has made getting back and forth to the gallery not such a pleasant drive, however, one Sunday did allow us to get out for a bright walk in crunchy snow.

I spent some Christmas money on Daughter's new album 'Not to Disappear' which was released this month; it is wonderful, 'Doing the Right Thing' has walloped me since first hearing it last year, a song expressing much of what is a shared and difficult experience for many of us.

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