Friday, 17 November 2017

Winter Jewellery 2017

9 years ago or so I posted about some new charm bracelets I'd made inspired by the wonderful Cold Mountain, a novel by Charles Frazier.  I'd been studying it with my A-Level English Literature class and all those the dark/light contrasts of snow and bark and crows and sky were very important to their study and to me. 

Those charm bracelet days were right at the start of self employment for me followed by moving to Scotland and moving on to work with silver and sea glass. All that time I've wanted to make a set of monochrome black and white sea glass, pottery and silver jewellery, still thinking of the contrasting tones used so expertly by Frazier. 

Finally I've done it and they are on show at the splendid Number Four Gallery's winter exhibition.

If you've been with me all this time from early wire experiments, through various online shops, wisdom teeth complaints, house moving complaints, name changes, disappearance when I went off to run a gallery and sporadic posting since, thanks muchly!

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